About Us

Our Approach

Our Approach

Our goal is to help with the protection of natural diversity through tourism, conservation and research, by generating passion and awareness among people who travel with us.

We offer guided visits to several natural places around Colombia, focusing on observation and photography of the rich biodiversity of the country, with focus in orchids, flora and butterflies but the places we usually visit are usually also good for birding, herping or just enjoying nature.

We like to offer premium quality services through all inclusive expeditions were the best quality services are delivered and are also flexible to accommodate to your preferences.

We really value sustainability and inclusion, and that is why we always hire local guides everywhere we go, and use locally owned facilities whenever possible.

Our Story

Our Story

We, Luis and Sebastian, have been exploring the Colombian outdoors for years, while looking for orchids and photographing nature. We have been able to know several fantastic locations and many nice people while also discovering some new species and generating knowledge about the biodiversity of the visited places.

For some time, we have been thinking about how to share all this natural richness and our field experience and knowledge with others, while helping with the protection of nature; and that is how InSitu Expeditions was born. As a way for us to take others to those fabulous places and help them learn first hand, about all the diversity that can be found on our beloved planet earth.

Meet the Team


Luis F. Pérez


Luis is a graphic designer, ham radio expert and orchideologist. He uses his bicycle as transport, is the discoverer of some new orchid species, is currently an architecture photographer in association with VB Fotografía, also fights to save a a Magnolia tree species that is in critical danger of extinction with the team of Salvamontes and believes in conservation through models such as the “Reserva Orquídeas” of the Colombian Orchid Society. He also leads tours to photograph plants in their natural habitat with InSitu Expeditions.


Sebastian Vieira


Sebastián is a conservationist, nature photographer and botanist specialized in orchids. Co-founder of InSitu Expeditions and board member of Corporación SalvaMontes Colombia, an NGO founded in 2016 to preserve endangered Magnolia trees and orchids through habitat protection, education and research. He is author of several scientific articles describing new orchid species and collaborates with the very successful Colombian Orchid Society conservation efforts at the "Reserva Orquídeas".